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Domain name role

The importance of domain names

Domain names are the cornerstone of the Internet and the high wall that every Internet company must climb

  • Reflection of strength
  • Trustworthy
  • Easy to promote
  • Brand image
  • Even more powerful
  • Icing on the cake

Image growth

Demonstrate the strength of the brand

Foundation of trust

Have clear brand credibility

Quick conversion

Easy for users to input quickly

Develop faster

Users voluntarily share

Follow trends

Go with the trend

Future smart

Strong demand for the future Internet

In the future it can be seen that more advanced intelligent technologies will rely more heavily on domain names

  • More creativity
  • Internet+
  • Digital economy
  • More widespread
  • Digital assets
  • Artificial intelligence

Global Insight

How entrepreneurs choose a domains

The views and obsession of domain names among world-class entrepreneurs and global Internet companies

  • Clear meaning
  • Easy to remember
  • Brand consistency
  • Short and concise
  • Easy to input
  • Unified image


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What can we do

We have extensive experience in Internet asset investment, find the best name for you through our experience, get your projects flying again.

Find quickly

We use a combination of smart tools to quickly find the domain name you need.

Provide advice

We give better suggestions based on your brand positioning and preferences


We not only sell domain names directly but also support multiple ways of cooperation.

Hot topics

Bring you hot domain names through artificial intelligence technology


We have many years of domain name and digital investment experience

Flexible creative

Giving you unlimited creativity and unlimited combinations for you to choose from

Supported trading platforms

The following are our common platforms, but we also accept flexible changes, including installment payments.


Transaction fee 10-20%

  • Moderate trading fees
  • Old platform
  • Trustworthy
  • Multilingual services
  • Global brand


Transaction fee 5-25%

  • Support BTC payment
  • Moderate trading fees
  • Quick response
  • Easy to operate
  • Godaddy’s brands


Transaction fee 3.5%

  • Low transaction fees
  • Trustworthy
  • Small transaction
  • Supports more varieties
  • Global platform


Partner reviews

We cooperate with many customers around the world, let’s listen to their voices.

I wanted to buy a domain, but I couldn’t contact its owner. Thanks to BB for helping me find its owner, and I got the domain as I wished.


Oliver Neal


We purchased the domain name we really needed from here, and the price was very satisfactory, which was really great.


Brendan Gow

United States

Choosing a great domain name to start the project is a great choice. Thank you BB for your help and look forward to our next cooperation.


Robert Jänisch


This is my first time purchasing a premium domain on the Internet. I am very happy that everything went smoothly. Thanks BB.


Peter Boettcher


I was looking for a one-character domain name for my project and I’m happy to have found it here. It was a great pleasure to work together.


Saturn Sun


I am very happy that I got the domain name I wanted at a lower price than expected. I will come here again if I need it again.


Ruojia Kuang

Hong Kong


What platforms are used to trade?
We support transactions on multiple platforms. International platforms include:,,,, etc. and Chinese regional platforms include:,,, etc.
How soon can I get my domain name?
After we confirm the transaction, we can start the handover process of the domain name. Since the processing time of each trading platform is different, you can usually get your domain name within 24-48 hours after you make the payment.
Is the domain name I purchased safe?
All domain names on our platform have undergone strict security testing, and all domain names with security risks are rejected for sale. Of course, if you find any domain name with security risks on the platform, please contact us for verification and removal. Many thanks.
Can you help me find a domain name?
Of course, we support purchasing domain names for you. If you are looking for a dream domain name, we can find it for you and recommend some similar domain names according to your requirements. If a deal is finally concluded, we will charge a 5% transaction commission. If there is no deal, this will be free of charge, no penny will be charged.
What payment options do you support?
We support the following payment options: Bank wire, Visa, MasterCard, iDeal, ApplePay, GooglePay, MisterCash, Sofort, Paypal, AliPay, WeChatPay, and Bitcoin or USDT.
Who bears the transaction fees?
All fees incurred by all transactions, such as transaction fees, domain name transfer fees (if any), etc., are borne by us. There are no other hidden fees for you, so please feel free to trade.
Do you have discounts on domain names?
Some of our domain names have BINs set up, and some domain names have negotiated prices. Therefore, most domain names are discounted. You can contact us through any contact method on the page, and we will inquire about the discount for you and respond to you as soon as possible.
Does it support installment payment?
Yes, we support installment payment up to 60 months. We will use the trading platform or for installment transactions. Your domain name will be hosted by the trading platform until you have paid all the installments. , when you pay the last installment, the platform will transfer the domain name to you, and the domain name is yours. (Note: Installment payment only supports transactions with a transaction amount of more than $500. If the installment payment exceeds 12 installments, the platform will charge a certain amount of escrow fees, which will be borne by the buyer)
What is the transaction process?
Whether you want to buy outright or choose to pay in installments, it only takes a few simple steps. The transfer process is as follows: ① Determine the domain name transaction price? ②Determine the trading platform and payment method. ③Pay the money to the trading platform. ④Transfer domain names through the trading platform. ⑤The domain name transfer is completed. ⑥You receive the domain name. Finally, thank you for your purchase and look forward to a more perfect cooperation next time.
Can you help me sell my domain name?
Yes, we can help you sell your domain name. We will use some technologies to recommend your domain name to relevant companies or individual buyers around the world. If the transaction is finalized, we will charge a 10% transaction commission (of course, you can also directly give us your base price, and we can increase the profit freely. If the transaction is finalized, the amount you receive will be the amount of the base price you set). If there is no transaction, we will not charge any fees.

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